Mana Artisan Botanics Products Reviewed by CBD Science

Mana Artisan Botanics Products Reviewed by CBD Science

In the growing world of CBD companies, it’s important to choose brands that care for the environment, focus on the community, and deliver high-quality products that improve your mental and physical health. That’s why we’re proud to review two products from Mana Botanics: a CBD Hawaiian oil and CBD chocolate!

In addition to their tinctures and chocolate, Mana also offers other ways to use CBD. For example, soothing topicals, pet treats for your anxious furry friend, and Hawaiian honey. Let’s check out what makes Mana so special and review two CBD products: CBD tincture and CBD chocolate. These CBD products not only improve your overall wellness but are tasty too! 

Mana Artisan Botanics Overview

Mana Artisan Botanics is a Hawaiian company located in beautiful Kailua-Kona. The company runs the Honaunau farm and harvests many of their product’s ingredients there, such as turmeric, plantains, and macadamia nut oil. Many other ingredients in their products are naturally sourced by farmers throughout the Hawaiian Islands who are just as passionate about using sustainably sourced products. 

In addition to focusing on regenerative farming and product sustainability, the Mana Botanics team wants to deliver as much information to their customers as possible. Their blog features a wealth of information by exploring and defining some of the Hawaiian values. The blog also features helpful how-to articles, encouragement for men and women, and a strong focus on mental wellness posts.  

Mana Artisan Botanics Products We Tried

Mana Artisan Botanics has an astonishing amount of CBD products. In addition to their vast collection of CBD tinctures and topicals, their products include rare Hawaiian honey, pet treats, and chocolate. We chose two of their best sellers and are proud to review them today! We’ll briefly touch on the packaging, scent, flavor, and cost of these products, as well as what we liked and didn’t like. Let’s begin. 

CBD Hawaiian Oil: Turmeric & Vanilla

Anything with vanilla is bound to be interesting, which is what piqued our interest with this 1oz bottle of turmeric and vanilla tincture. The 300mg tincture itself goes for $55 but can drop to $44 (20% off) with a monthly subscription. There are other flavors you can get of this tincture, such as macadamia and coconut.

This particular tincture came beautifully packaged in a dark glass bottle, labeled with clear lettering and bright colors. The ingredients were clearly listed, along with the serving size and recommended usage. The tincture is designed to last you a month but can be less if you take more than the serving size (40 drops a day). 

The tincture was light yellow and smelled faintly of hemp. The flavor tasted like a natural hemp flavor, which was slightly disappointing as I didn’t taste any strong vanilla as I had hoped. The flavor was natural and had no bitter aftertaste, which can sometimes happen with strong CBD content. Overall, this was a delightful product, but I wish the vanilla flavor had been more robust. 

CBD 72% Dark Chocolate

If you have a penchant for sweet things, you’ll love this delicious square of CBD chocolate! This was one of the first chocolate CBD products I’ve tried, and I was curious to see if there would be a hemp flavor that might deter me from liking the taste of the chocolate. The chocolate square was beautifully packaged (showcasing colorful flowers, plants, and nuts) and had stamped gold lettering throughout the packaging. I unwrapped the clear plastic wrap and broke off a small piece. I was delighted that there was no detectable scent of hemp and eagerly bit down.

I was a bit surprised at the bitter flavor, so I took a second piece and allowed it to melt in my mouth gently. This made the flavor much better and allowed me to appreciate the silky, buttery flavor. I would caution the user not to expect a sugary flavor of Hershey’s chocolate, but a more organic and natural dark chocolate taste. I’m not ashamed to say I consumed the entire thing in one sitting, in probably less than 5 minutes! The flavor took a bit to get used to, but after the second piece, I sincerely appreciated the fine quality of both the chocolate flavor and the smooth texture. 

The chocolate is a seasonal item and thus it is not listed on the site at the time of this review. This is due to the heat causing the chocolate to melt in transit and resulting in frustrated customers, but it will come back in stock once the weather is cooler for shipping. The chocolate contained 40mg of CBD, about 20mg per half, and was a treat to my taste buds. It was also interesting to note that Mana creates their own chocolate. They also create their own honey that I look forward to trying! 

CBD Efficacy Medical Outcome Study

Mana Artisan Botanics’ products are tested by third-party independent labs, which you can find on the company website. Additionally, as of September 8th, 2020, Mana released their CBD Efficacy Medical Outcome Study results. Mana worked with several data collection agencies that are highly respected throughout the industry to measure the efficacy of their CBD products accurately. This study sent out surveys to nearly 200 Mana customers, asking for their opinion on how the CBD products helped with anxiety, insomnia, and pain relief.

The results were impressive, with quite a few people praising the products for the effectiveness in reduction of the aforementioned issues, resulting in a 54% reduction in anxiety, 42% reduction in chronic pain, 34% reduction in insomnia, and 23% reduction in acute pain. The majority of users were between 45-65+, and revealed that continued use over 90 days showed a 13% increase in quality of life.

Since 2019, the CBD industry has grown in popularity, showing a 500% increase in products used worldwide. Mana Botanics is proud to be a part of that movement and continues to provide premium products that look to increase the overall wellness of their customers, both current and future. Check out their diverse selection of topicals, tinctures, honey, pet treats, and more! Join the hundreds of dedicated customers that use Mana’s CBD products to help cope with mental and physical issues throughout their day. 

CBD & Sustainability

The company is the first to join the One for One Impact Guarantee program, a plastic waste production company that looks to not only reduce the company’s use of plastic production, but clean up plastic waste around the globe. Mana uses regenerative farming to replenish the hemp used in their products, all while keeping their prices affordable to the average consumer. Mana is so focused on sustainability that they even outline methods for their customers to follow, thus increasing their efforts beyond the tiny islands of Hawaii. 

Mana also focuses on adhering to the Triple Bottom Line, something that is becoming more and more important in the corporate world. The Triple Bottom Line focuses on three elements: profit, people, and the planet. While all of these three seem pretty straightforward, the TBL measures the company’s financial, social, and environmental performance over an extended period of time. Mana looks to perform well in all of these areas by focusing on how its products are created, purchased, and consumed.

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