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CBD Science Reviews

Testimonial #1

Having just finished 35 weeks of radiation and chemo I have come out the other side as cancer-free. While I was under treatment which included 5 weeks in intensive care, I had contacted  Al Coles of Stinson Beach.

He is an old friend. He has been in the manufacturing business of producing CBD oils to combat cancer.  I started a protocol with him, and the results were amazing in addition to the elimination of pain. His company is Alta Hemp Botanicals and he is in Mill Valley, CA.

I recommend getting in touch with him for a consult. Nothing he provided has negative consequences or side effects. — Roger Galvin, July 2019

Testimonial #2

Dear Albert,

“CBD Science has scientifically tested the efficiency of it’s process, and it has set up standards and procedures to produce safe, consistent and potent Cannabis Based Medicinal Extracts. They are setting the standard for organic Cannabis Based Medicinal Extracts with their Alta California brand.”
— Wilson Linker, of Steep Hill Labs

Testimonial #3

Dear Albert,

“My dispensary, Magnolia Wellness in Orangevale is closing. It totally sucks.

One of the products I get from them are your tinctures. My entire adult life I have had lower back issues, both arthritic-type pain as well as severe spasms. I have tried everything under the sun, and the only way that I have been able to cope with it has been with lifestyle, yoga, and mental techniques – muscle relaxers, narcotics and NSAID’s are not for me. It is a constant battle that effects nearly every aspect of my life, but I have learned to deal with its persistence in as healthy as way as possible.

But, then a staff member at Magnolia told me about your tinctures, and they are nothing short of amazing. My muscle spasms are at an all time low and the pain is very manageable. It feels like I am making progress when I stretch, now, instead of just keeping up the fight. I dare say that I am actually healing!

The other dispensaries are quite a distance from my house. I am wondering if there is an alternate method in which I can purchase your products. I would not be against forming a mini-collective of my own, if that is what it takes.”

Thank you for your help, and continued success.
Regards, — name withheld,  Sacramento CA

Testimonial #4

Dear Albert,

“After 11 surgeries my wife has been left all but crippled and in a wheel chair. She has been on every pain med known and is still on morphine, Norco, dangerous anti inflammatories, has had numerous series of epidural steroids, is on sleeping pills, anti depressants, etc.- I’m sure you’ve heard this list many times. Her spine is full of Titanium, both cervical and lumbar. And after all this she is still in constant pain. She takes the absolute minimum of the meds that she can get away with because she is scared of them, but the alternative is to simply end it all. The pain management clinic at U.C. Davis constantly tries to encourage her to take more, but she won’t.

She was very hesitant to try medical cannabis. We’re in our 60’s and even back in college she wouldn’t use drugs. She is very smart – Women’s five minute chess champion, charter member of MENSA, professional cryptographer and code breaker. She does not want to lose any control of her mind and therefore has no desire to be high. However, her primary care physician kept after her to at least try it. We tried several collectives and really didn’t get very good advice and she had some very bad experiences until I read about Alta in a magazine and learned you had an 80% CBD tincture. What a godsend. Of course it doesn’t make her 100% better – nothing probably ever will. But it relieves the depression, eases the pain, and actually does have anti inflammatory effects (something I was skeptical about) and still leaves her completely lucid and awake. Thank you for understanding that there are people like my wife who want maximum medicinal and minimal psychoactive effect.

Now to my problem. Our local collective, Magnolia, carried your tincture. As I’m sure you know they have been callously driven from business. Can you suggest someone in the Sacramento/Citrus Heights area who carries your tinctures? None of the online menus lists it. If there is not one right now where would the nearest one be? This has become so important to my wife that I would gladly drive to Santa Cruz to purchase it direct. Please advise me as to how I can continue to provide this to her.”

Be safe and productive.,  — Larry Loban, Fairfield CA

Testimonial #5

Dear Albert,

Magnolia wellness in Orangevale is closing their door for good tomorrow 12/16/11. I live in the Folsom Ca area. Please provide me with another local dispensary name and phone# where I can purchase these products. They are a life saver for me and I really hate the idea of not having a quality working tincture. Alta is a great product that helps my acute nausea better than any other product. Thank you for your reply to this urgent matter.

Best Regards, — name withheld Folsom, CA