Tips on How to Store Your CBD Products

You may not think of CBD as products that need proper storage, but many CBD products have expiration dates and can be affected by different factors. CBD oil, gummies, and extracts have specific storage requirements that can be easily incorporated into your everyday use. In this article, we’ll touch on why storing your CBD products is so important, as well as various storage methods for each product. 

The Importance of Storing Your CBD Products

When you buy CBD products, you expect them to last you a while. Poor storage of CBD products can greatly reduce or even destroy the validity of the CBD, effectively wasting it. Improper storage of your CBD products can result in others consuming it, which can be a safety risk (especially for nosy pets and underage children). Some CBD products are flavored or colorfully designed, making them look appetizing to unsuspecting passersby.

Further, depending on the climate you live in, extreme heat or cold can reduce the effectiveness of the product. It’s important to store your CBD products in a manner that will deliver the most benefits and the most efficiency throughout their use or way to use CBD. There are several reasons why it’s imperative to properly store your CBD products.

Sunlight, heat, and air can slowly break down your CBD products and render them ineffective. If you use CBD products frequently, it can be easy to forget them in your car, on your windowsill, or near a heat source (like a stove or oven). CBD is best stored in the cold, such as a refrigerator or freezer, especially in hot climates with no air conditioning. However, you can also store CBD products in a medicine cabinet, pantry shelf, and dresser drawers, as long as these areas cannot be easily accessed by children or pets. 

How to Store Your CBD Oil & Extracts

Different carrier oils and extracts, such as coconut oil, MCT oil, and hemp oil, have different storage requirements. For example, hemp oil should be refrigerated to extend the longevity. Some products will even specify that they should be refrigerated after opening, although some users argue the necessity of this. For the most part, there are a few rules about how to properly store CBD oils and extracts. 

Keep Away From Air

This might seem a bit funny at first, but it’s important to note that you should keep your CBD oils and extracts away from open air. You can do this by keeping your CBD in its original packaging. Exposure to oxygen can speed up the deoxycarbolation process, meaning your useful life is greatly reduced. Whenever you finish using your product, tightly replace the cap or re-screw on the top. Don’t transfer the CBD into a different container, as most CBD containers are specifically designed to preserve the product – cannabinoids, terpenes, and other important compounds – until the marked expiration date. 

Keep Away From Sunlight

Most CBD bottles are already darkly stained and are designed to let the least amount of sunlight in. However, if you leave your CBD bottles near a window during the day, the sunlight can break down the chemical composition and reduce the product’s useful life. You can also store CBD products in a medicine cabinet, pantry shelf, and locked dresser drawers.

Keep Away From Heat

If you’re constantly on the go, you may prefer to travel with your CBD products. This doesn’t become a problem until you forget your CBD products in the car in hot temperatures, or in your purse next to a heater/radiator. Try to store your CBD oil products and extracts in a cool dark place, as the optimal temperature for CBD is 60 to 70°F. 

How to Store Your CBD Gummies

It might seem pretty straightforward how to store your CBD gummies, but with such a tasty treat, there are a few things you should know about your gummies. Depending on the season, you may want to store your CBD gummies differently. For example, you may travel a lot for work and leave your CBD gummies in the car. This wouldn’t be a problem in the winter months, but during the summer, your gummies can fuse into one sticky mess. Let’s take a look at some other reasons why it’s important to store your CBD gummies properly. 

Keep Away From Heat

Gummies are made from gelatin and are designed to be individually enjoyed. If you store them in a hot room with no air conditioning, forget them in your car on a hot day, or leave them near a stove or radiator, you’ll come back to a giant sticky mess. The gummies will fuse together into one solid clump that will be very annoying to separate and figure out what a single dose is. You can store gummies in the fridge or freezer to combat this, but the gummies may become more difficult to chew after becoming too hard. 

Keep Away From Light & Moisture

Aside from breaking down the CBD within, light and moisture are perfect conditions for mold to grow on your CBD product. To combat this, storing your CBD gummies in a cool dark place like a refrigerator or dark closet. Placing your CBD near a food-safe desiccant like dry rice can help absorb the moisture that does reach your storage place. You can also wrap your CBD products in aluminum foil or leave them in a glass jar to prevent light from reaching them. Make sure your CBD is stored in an opaque airtight container away from wet or warm air. 

Keep Away From Unintended Consumers

This might seem obvious, but your CBD edibles look like candy and may tempt others living in your household. You should keep your CBD products sealed and out of reach from underage consumers, pets, and bugs. A high shelf or locked drawer can help deter unwanted consumption, but make sure these locations are in cool dark places. 

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