About CBD Science

CBD Science, LLC, provides research, education and consulting services to the cannabis and hemp industries.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and established companies help the most amount of people in the least amount of time. We offer Intellectual property for extraction, processing, and marketing of proprietary products.

Home Organic Medicine Process

CBD Science has a patented process of precisely crafting your own organic medicine at home. With many seeking to use cannabis and CBD as an organic medicine solution, it’s important to understand the science behind Cannabinoids and how to get an effective product and end result.

We call this process the Home Organic Medicine Process. The full process will be available as a full playbook and easy-to-consume step-by-step process soon. To learn more and stay updated, enter your email below. 

CBD Dosage Guidelines

When administering cannabis or CBD, proper dosage is one of the most important factors to consider. Learn more about our dosage guidelines for microdose, normal dose, and macro dose.


Top CBL Questions Answered by CBD Science

With at least 113 known cannabinoids and more potentially yet undiscovered, the future of cannabis tech and science holds exciting promise. Cannabicyclol or CBL is one of the less understood cannabinoids, but it may have some properties that closely resemble others that are more well known.  Cannabis is a multi-purpose plant with more and more

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Top CBD (Cannabidiol) Questions Answered by CBD Science

Whether you’re passing by a health food store or browsing social media, at some point, you’ve seen the term “CBD.” You may have some knowledge of this cannabinoid already but have other questions that might be difficult to find answers to. In this all-inclusive article, we’ll tackle some of the top CBD questions in the

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