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About CBD Science

CBD Science, LLC, provides research, education and consulting services to the cannabis and hemp industries.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and established companies help the most amount of people in the least amount of time. We offer Intellectual property for extraction, processing, and marketing of proprietary products.

Home Organic Medicine Process

CBD Science has a patented process of precisely crafting your own organic medicine at home. With many seeking to use cannabis and CBD as an organic medicine solution, it’s important to understand the science behind Cannabinoids and how to get an effective product and end result.

We call this process the Home Organic Medicine Process. The full process will be available as a full playbook and easy-to-consume step-by-step process soon. To learn more and stay updated, enter your email below. 

CBD Dosage Guidelines

When administering cannabis or CBD, proper dosage is one of the most important factors to consider. Learn more about our dosage guidelines for microdose, normal dose, and macro dose.


Herban Bud THCa Product Review by CBD Science

Regarding cannabis, the Lone Star State has had its fair share of challenges. But one Texas-based company, Herban Bud, aims to change the landscape by offering safe and effective cannabis products. It all started with the founder, Paul, and his personal journey with chronic migraines. Who is Herban Bud? Paul Trowe found relief from his

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Alta Hemp Botanicals Product Review by CBD Science

The hemp products industry is growing tremendously, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the wealth of ongoing research. Year after year, a new study shows us the healing potential of marijuana and hemp-derived cannabinoids that radically change people’s lives. Alta Hemp Botanicals is one of the latest companies to come out with an efficacious

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Raw Weed: the Benefits of Eating Cannabis

Cannabis is a versatile plant used in seemingly limitless ways. Some use THC to get high while others use CBD for medicinal purposes. Now many are focusing on eating raw weed for its potential medical benefits. A team of researchers from Oregon State University and the Oregon Health & Science University reported that CBDA and

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