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Alta Hemp Botanicals Product Review by CBD Science

The hemp products industry is growing tremendously, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the wealth of ongoing research. Year after year, a new study shows us the healing potential of marijuana and hemp-derived cannabinoids that radically change people’s lives. Alta Hemp Botanicals is one of the latest companies to come out with an efficacious hemp product. We tried their CBDA oil, and here’s what you need to know about this acidic form of CBD.

Who is Alta Hemp Botanicals?

Based in Marin County, California, Alta Hemp Botanicals patented a very specific and unique extraction process to create their CBDA oil. This process preserves the distinct medicinal and therapeutic properties of the CBDA from hemp plants. 

Co-founder Al Coles says that they created this product for consumers who needed greater relief from CBD products, specifically referring to its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

alta hemp botanicals cbda

What is CBDA?

CBDA is short for cannabidiolic acid. It’s the acidic form of CBD and best described as the raw version of CBD. In the hemp plant, all cannabinoids are acidic until they are heated. Think of it in terms of smoking weed. The THC that produces psychoactive effects is only psychoactive because it’s been heated, either by the flame of a lighter, or during the extraction process. The raw version of THC is THCA. 

So, CBD is the heated version of CBDA. What we are learning about CBDA is that it offers significantly more strength in its anti-inflammatory abilities when compared to CBD. CBDA is not psychoactive but offers the same great benefits as CBD, with more significant impact and efficacy. 

Product Review of Alta Hemp Botanicals

Alta Hemp Botanicals currently offers CBDA in one format. We tried their oil, and here are the details you need to know when considering this product.


Alta’s CBDA Oil comes in a one-ounce (30mL ) glass bottle with a 1mL dropper top. The entire bottle contains 400 mg CBDA. Each milliliter contains 13 mg CBDA, and the recommended dosage is 10 m per 100 pounds of body weight. 

The carrier oil is MCT (fractionated coconut oil) which aids the bioavailability of the CBDA. This means that your body can more easily absorb and utilize active ingredients. The MCT oil also allows for more applications. You can take Alta’s oil in three ways: 

  • Orally (swallowing it)
  • Sublingually (dropping it under the tongue)
  • Topically (applying it directly to the affected area) 

According to Coles, the best way to apply the oil is by using it in all three ways to obtain the most benefits. This synergistic effect permeates tissues to help the CBDA work faster and offer more meaningful relief from inflammation. 

The CBDA oil does not produce psychoactive effects, so there is no “high” from taking the oil. Instead, the effects are very similar to those from CBD but up to 100 times stronger. 

CBDA Research

Although long-term research on CBDA is limited, several studies are in the works to determine the scope of benefits. So far, CBDA has much anecdotal evidence from devoted consumers, and it is also beginning to have more scientific backing. 

Benefits of CBDA

Not only does CBDA relieve inflammation, but it also prevents it from forming in the first place. CBDA blocks the COX-2 enzyme that is responsible for creating pro-inflammatory compounds. This is an enticing attribute for athletes or those suffering from arthritis or other inflammatory diseases, including those of the bowels. Unlike other anti-inflammatory medications, which can irritate the stomach and digestive tract, CBDA soothes the gut lining.

A 2012 study points to CBDA as potentially inhibiting the migration of breast cancer cells, though more research is needed. Researchers did the initial survey of cells in a Petri dish, and human trials are required to confirm or deny the results. 

Another study shows that CBDA may reduce nausea, meaning it could be an impactful remedy for patients undergoing cancer treatments or those with digestive upset. And, much like CBD, CBDA may reduce anxiety and promote better sleep quality. 

Where to Find Alta Hemp Botanicals

You can buy Alta Hemp Botanicals CBDA Oil is available for sale by contacting Al Coles at [email protected]. Each 30mL bottle is $74.99. For a limited time, you can Buy 2 Get 1 Free by emailing Al with the subject line “ALTA HEMP B2G1” to claim the offer while supplies last. Include your first and last name, shipping address, and the number of bottles you wish to purchase. Then, Alta will follow up with payment details, and your order will arrive within 5-7 days. 

If you’ve been curious about CBDA, or just now learning about this incredible cannabinoid, now is the time to give Alta Hemp Botanicals a try. 

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